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The little garden

The little garden 3 weeks later


Rohan & I started to farm at the end of summer 2007- our vision is simple -growing food is important work.  What could be more so than growing what people put inside their bodies, their children's bodies?  With this in mind it is our goal to grow luscious, unusual produce using organic methods and by treating the earth as kindly as we can.


Why buy local?  Well, it's good for your local economy for one thing, and for another, it just tastes better.  Strawberries in December, yes, you can get them - but they just aren't going to be close to the local strawberries you can buy in May and early June (I dare you to buy a pint of those from a Farmers' Market and not eat every single one in the car on the way home -Market veterans know to buy two, one to have, one to eat).  Why don't we buy pumpkins in March?  We'll, it's not the season - pumpkin pie on St. Paddy's day?? (pumpkins are one of the few fruits we still treat seasonally), yet by the opposite logic, we expect to be able to buy watermelons in April...........



Everyone is busy, and it's not necessarily convenient to drive across town to buy from a market, it's much easier to buy a week's worth of groceries from one supermarket - but when was the last time you actually met the person who grew your food?  Maybe we can't always eat locally every meal, but we can give it a try, a few meals a week, just to taste the differnce & by doing so make a difference.


Local food can be a little tough to find, even in Charlotte.  At the produce section of a small high end chain supermarket the other day I inquired about NC apples.  The produce manager looked at me thoughtfully & said, "Minnesota is the closest I've got."  After that he pointed  out, as if it were just 'round the corner from St. Paul, "We have plenty from New Zeland too."  Oh dear..............The upside is that local produce can be found, at the Matthews Farmers' Market, at the Charlotte Tailgate Market, and at The Charlotte Farmers' Market.  Careful though, not everyone selling at The Charlotte Market is a local grower - warning signs are pretty easy to spot, bananas next to "local" tomatoes, sweet corn in December, produce boxes with the words "Product of California" printed on them........Next time you're planning a dinner out, take a look at restaurants whose Chefs are committed to using local products - we've listed a few on our "links we love" section.


Thanks for visiting our site, and thanks for making an effort to support your local farmers - we hope to see you at market soon!



"Value is not made of money, but a tender balance of expectation and longing." Barbara Kingsolver

Makes you want a pedicure doesn't it?

Books We Love



Better Off, Eric Brende


The Making of A Chef, Michael Ruhlman


The Soul of A Chef, Michael Ruhlman


The Reach of A Chef, Michael Ruhlman


Animal, Vegetable, Miracle, Barbara Kingsolver


The New Organic Grower, Eliot Coleman


Chez Panisse Cooking, Paul Bertolli with Alice Waters


The Barefoot Contessa Cookbook, Ina Garten


Under The Tuscan Sun, Frances Mayes (The book, NOT the movie!)


The Man Who Ate Everything, Jeffrey Steingarten


Kitchen Confidential,

A Cook's Tour, both by Anthony Bourdain


The Sharper Your Knives, The Less You Cry, Kathleen Flinn


Julie & Julia, Julie Powell


Jamie At Home, Jamie Oliver


The Herbfarm Cookbook,

Jerry Traunfeld

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